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Zero Cost Credit Card Processing

Pay 0% on All Credit Card Transactions

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Two different payment solutions based on type of your business

Government and Education

Intelligent rate is designed for GOVERNMENT AND EDUCATION. Instead of a flat percentage, Intelligent Rate automatically calculates the service fee appropriately to the true cost while the consumer is typing in their card information. Lower your customer’s transaction fee while you eliminate yours.


Zero Cost Credit Card Processing is designed for ALL BUSINESSES. Allows you to keep 100% of the amount of your sale on credit cards. Accept all the Credit Cards you want for 0%. Pay only on debit cards transactions. Zero Cost Credit Card Processing technology takes the guess work out of surcharging keeping you fully compliant.

Completely Free Processing for Government and Education

Our Solution for Government & Institutions is Free!

  • No monthly fee
  • Pay 0% on all credit cards
  • Pay 0% on debit cards

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Zero Cost Credit Credit Card Processing for Businesses

Pay 0% on all Credit Card transactions - any merchant, any-Time, any place.
Imagine accepting credit cards for 0%. For many businesses, this savings amounts to thousands of dollars per month.

  • One low monthly fee
  • Pay 0% on all credit cards
  • Only pay for debit cards

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