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The Future of Parking & Payments

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Parking meters made their debut in 1935. At that time, parking meters allowed municipalities to collect money in exchange for vehicles to be parked for a set amount of time. At the same time, it created the inconveniences of forcing motorists to locate change wedged in between seats to feed the meter, while also keeping track of time to avoid a parking ticket.

Since then, parking meters have been through several facelifts. It is now common to see meters that accept credit and debit cards, and some even accept contactless cards and mobile wallets. But how else can technology improve the parking and payments landscape?

Did you know…

  • 75 percent of drivers overfeed their parking meters, while only one percent pays for less than the time needed.
  • Studies have found that approximately 30 percent of city traffic is generated by people looking for free parking spaces.

The future of parking is here, and it is where parking meets payments.

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Why Parkmobile?

Parkmobile is the leader in mobile parking payments, offering both on-demand and reservations parking.

Why does it work so well? Parkmobile enhances transparency and removes friction, taking all of the hassle out of parking.

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