NXGEN Surcharging & Convenience Fees

Pay 0% on all credit card transactions while helping your customers save money.
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Rules have changed, it is now legal to surcharge

Take payments anywhere and everywhere

Real time service fee calculator informs customers on savings

Game Changing Industry Technology

The first of it’s kind, our solution calculates in real time the actual cost associated with the card type so you can help your customer save money.  Take payments from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and desktop  Easily and quickly integrate with your online store.

Government and Education

Truly eliminate all fees associated with card acceptance. Pay $0.00 to accept unlimited credit and debit transactions.  With no long-term contracts and no exit fees, there is zero risk. Even more, there is no need for new equipment or start-up fees. The best part is, our convenience fee solution helps you inform your customers on how they can save money!  LEARN MORE

All Other Businesses

Pay 0% on all credit card transactions and only pay on debit transactions. Our surcharging solution keeps you 100% compliant ready to accept credit cards without any equipment requirements.  Zero cost for new equipment, zero start-up fees, and zero risk!   LEARN MORE

Stop Paying Credit Card Processing Fees

With CardX and Our Surcharging & Convenience Fee Solution

Don't Be Shy.

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