Why You Should Accept Credit Cards At Your Small Business

Why Should My Small Business Accept Credit Cards?

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Roughly half of all small businesses in the US don’t yet accept credit cards. So how do you know if your small business should accept credit cards? Here are 6 reasons you should consider accepting credit cards.

Customer Experience

Customers who are able to pay using their preferred method are more likely to walk away satisfied with their experience. A recent study showed that debit cards, credit cards, and digital payments make up 70% of consumers’ preferred payment sources. Customer satisfaction is more important now than ever, as the internet has made sharing both positive and negative opinions easier than ever before.

Make Credit Card Payments Possible

Customer satisfaction aside, some people simply won’t be able to make a purchase if you don’t accommodate their payment needs. We all get caught without cash on hand every now and then, and a customer who can’t pay with their card is more likely to choose one of your competitors than go find an ATM.

The Impulse Buy

Spending cash is much more psychologically impactful than swiping plastic. Customers who are swiping will be more likely to make an extra impulse purchase — and these small bits of extra income can really add up over time.


For companies that want to sell goods or services online, credit card processing is an absolute must. Setting up an online payment portal is easier than you might think, and it allows you access a virtually infinite quantity of new markets.

Speed and Certainty

Under most circumstances, accepting a credit card payment is far superior to working with checks. Not only are credit cards the go-to cashless option in today’s world, they also allow you, the merchant, to access your money faster, and without worrying that the check may bounce.

Affordable and Easy

Credit card processing fees are more merchant-friendly than ever before — and the lead-time associated with implementation is falling fast. Credit card surcharging can offset 100% of your cost of accepting credit cards.

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