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Poynt 5

Modernize the checkout experience with the convenient yet powerful Poynt 5 Smart Terminal

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Experience the power of the Poynt Smart Terminal, all packed into a conveniently portable touchscreen device

The Poynt 5 Smart Terminal is built for merchants who prefer portable, pay-at-the-table solutions over long lines at the cash register. The best part is that all of that portability doesn’t come at a cost to the merchant. The Poynt 5 Smart Terminal ships with WiFi and Bluetooth options, as well as the ability to accept a wide variety of payment solutions including NFC, EMV, Mag Stripe, Gift Cards, EBT, PIN on Glass, and all types of debit and credit cards.

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The Poynt 5 Smart Terminal is built for business on the go

Restaurants and Bars

Electronic payments with a standard POS typically involve 3 trips to the customer’s table. Switch to the Poynt 5 Smart Terminal and give your customers and staff the benefits of a true pay-at-the-table solution.

Food Trucks

A business that is constantly on the move calls for a truly mobile payments solution. Schedule a Poynt 5 demo with one of our agents to see how this powerful little smart terminal can transform your business.


Skip the lines and go straight to the action with the Poynt 5 Smart Terminal.

Farmers Markets

The Poynt 5 Smart Terminal is the perfect payments solution for businesses that depend on wireless connectivity.


Save on counter space and by switching to the convenience and power of the Poynt 5 Smart Terminal

Tons of features packed into one portable device

NXGEN can help you build a comprehensive payments processing solution to meet the needs of your business

The Poynt 5 Smart Terminal is compatible with the standard Poynt Smart Terminal, as well as a number of printers, cash drawers, apps, and more. Contact us today to learn more!

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