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Parking made simple.

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The leader in mobile parking payments,
offering both On-demand and Reservations parking.

Why does it work so well? Parkmobile enhances transparency and removes friction, taking all of the hassle out of parking.


Select or enter parkmobile zone

Choose parking time, vehicle and payment method

Confirm information and start parking

Countdown timer with extendable sessions

Simplifying parking in 40 out of the
top 100 cities and serving:

8 Million+

Members Nationwide


New Monthly Members

1 Million+

Parking Spaces


Daily Parking Transactions


New Exclusive Municipalities




Event Venues


Mobile Parking Payments Market Share

Still not convinced?

Click on the common objections and questions below – you might be surprised at Parkmobile’s flexibility and usability!

Our consumers wont understand how to use this app; they are not millennials.

One of Parkmobile’s best markets is Florida with many retirees, we have users of all ages and the Parkmobile app is intuitive and easy to use

We do not have the equipment to support this.

Parkmobile does not require any specific equipment, other than an LPR enforcement database which we can provide free of charge

How do we know people paid for parking?

Parkmobile’s enforcement database which hosted in the Cloud enforcement database which we can provide free of charge

We want people to be able to pay with cash.

People can still use the parking meter or pay at the attendant, Parkmobile is just another way for them to pay

Does Parkmobile work with the Parking Meter?

We do not need to but in certain cases we do integrate with the meter to reflect the time the consumer has purchased through the app


Android Ready

iOS Ready




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