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Improving collections and reducing paperwork for county and local governments.

People want and, increasingly, expect the same electronic payment options from government offices that they receive from businesses, service providers and even many charities and non-profit organizations. NXGEN makes it easy for state and local governments to accept credit cards, debit cards or electronic funds transfer (EFT) from a checking or savings account for payment of taxes, fines, fees and even bonds. The result: higher customer satisfaction, improved collections and record keeping, and less time spent on payment handling by government employees. NXGEN’s solutions reduced paper handling and improved record keeping, as well as deliver faster deposit of collected funds.

“We appreciated how easy the NXGEN staff and system were to work with and especially the commitment from NXGEN to save us money so that we can focus on our mission”.

– Jesse M.

Dynamic Service Fee Solution

Intelligent Rate gives eligible businesses and institutions the capability to accept credit card payments paying no cost for the transactions. This is a “revenue-neutral” card acceptance solution which also allows consumers to choose the fee they pay.  The patent-pending technology calculates the cost of the card the consumer chooses in real time, as the consumer types her card information within the payment page itself. Instead of charging a flat rate, Intelligent Rate determines card type in real time and prices the service fee in proportion to the transaction cost, improving affordability for cardholders


*Compared to a flat-rate service fee of 2.75%.

Funding Options

Electronic payments offer tremendous benefits for county and local governments, but there is a cost for processing these transactions. NXGEN’s convenience and service fee programs offer government entities three different funding options for payment processing— revenue positive, revenue neutral or conventional rates.

Revenue positive: The entity is responsible for all transaction processing costs, which can be paid from the collected fees.

Revenue neutral:  The entity pays no processing costs. Those costs will be paid by NXGEN, even if they exceed collected fees.

Conventional rates: Traditional merchant account priced to minimize the expenses associated with processing

Convenience and Service Fees

When allowed by law, convenience and service fees can provide additional revenue for county and local governments, or at least underwrite the processing costs of electronic payments.  Both our convenience and service fee programs comply with MasterCard and Visa requirements. Convenience fees can be assessed for fines, bonds and traffic violations, building permits, parking permits, recreation permits and by departments such as justice, health, utilities and the DMV.  NXGEN also supports service fees for electronic payment of local property taxes as well as federal and state income taxes.


Property Taxes

NXGEN’s electronic payment program offers additional convenience for taxpayers and improved collections for county and municipal tax offices. NXGEN makes it easy for tax offices to accept credit cards for payment of taxes with:

• No application fees
• No setup fees
• No statement fees
• No processing fee
• No monthly minimums

Whether you are accepting payment over-the-counter or via the Internet, NXGEN’s processing solutions integrate with your existing accounting software for seamless posting of electronic transactions.

County and Municipal Courts

NXGEN also offers a special Point of Citation (POC) program for county and municipal courts. The program simplifies the bond posting process as well as the collection of fines, reducing paperwork and improving the efficiency of court clerks. POC uses an Internet web application that provides a simple, card present, over-the-counter solution.  The POC program was designed for easy integration with your existing accounting and ticketing software applications. It’s flexible enough to handle multiple traffic citation fines and warrant/bond-posting combinations in a single transaction and supports cross-county recognition by itemizing the home and secondary counties.

Data Collection and Reporting

NXGEN’s authorization software supports collection of important transaction data. The flexible architecture makes it easy for government entities to collect the information appropriate to their needs. For faster data entry and ease of use, fields can be set up to auto-populate, allowing clerks to choose options from a drop down menu. Individual fields can also be flagged as required, ensuring that you capture all of the information you need.  NXGEN also provides complete access to your transaction data and powerful, Web-based reporting tools with customized reports.

Single-Source Payment Processing

NXGEN’s complete payment processing services can simplify record-keeping and payment administration for busy government offices. With NXGEN, you have a single-source solution for electronic payments and check authorizations. You will benefit from unified reporting, simplified integration with your existing accounting software and a single point of contact for questions and support. Plus, more than a decade of experience in providing payment processing and service and convenience fee programs to county and local governments throughout the United States means that we have a unique understanding of the needs of government entities.

With the highest reputation in the industry, NXGEN is the partner you can trust.


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