How Businesses Can Eliminate Credit Card Processing Fees

How Businesses Can Eliminate Credit Card Processing Fees

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In business every dollar counts. Absorbing the cost of credit card processing fees (often up to 4%) can make a real impact on a small business’ bottom line. Did you know there is a way to eliminate your credit card processing fees Eliminate credit card processing fees? We know, it’s crazy.

What Is Surcharging & Why Does It Work?

In 2013, new rules enabled businesses in the United States to pass on the fee when customers choose credit cards for convenience or rewards. And earlier this year, further signaling a nationwide shift toward credit card surcharging, the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled California’s state-level ban on the practice is unconstitutional.

Before surcharging, it was difficult for businesses to manage credit card fees, which increase twice a year, making them among the fastest-growing costs of doing business. Surcharging allows businesses to pass on the cost of credit card transaction fees, meaning small- and medium-sized businesses that had previously found card purchases too costly to process can now accept credit cards for the first time. That benefits both the business and the consumer, as many people prefer to go cash-less.

Zero Cost Credit Card Processing is a fully compliant service fee solution that reduces transaction costs by creating incentives for consumers to make lower-cost payment choices. Zero Cost Credit Card Processing technology determines the card type in real time and prices the service fee in proportion to the transaction cost, improving affordability for cardholders. This is a “revenue-neutral” card acceptance solution allowing your customers to choose the fee they pay. For eligible industries and businesses, you can process card-not-present transactions at 0% cost.

Should Your Business Surcharge To Eliminate Credit Card Processing Fees?

Surcharging presents real savings to your business’ bottom-line. Even-so, that doesn’t mean that it is right for every business. First, weigh the pros and cons of surcharging. Implement surcharging if it makes sense for your business. If a customer does not want to pay for their transaction fees, cash, check or debit card is still an option.

Still not sure if surcharging is right for you? Our team of surcharging specialists can help.

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