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Credit Card Processing for Your Seattle Startup

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Seattle, Washington – there are few places in the world that are as much of a hotbed for innovative startups in the tech industry. How do you ensure that your Seattle startup will run with the lean efficiency it takes to make it in this lucrative yet competitive market?

Efficiency is everything

To be sure, starting any new business is a journey. You not only have to have a rock-solid concept, but you will also need to know how to organize and run your startup efficiently. Many startup founders are too invested in their belief that their idea alone is built to succeed that they fail to notice seemingly small and meaningless inefficiencies. Payment processing partner selection is a perfect example of this, where most startups opt for a quick and easy payment processing solution so that they can get back to coding. In a place as competitive as the Seattle tech startup industry, you will need every advantage you can find to separate yourself from the pack. Why pay more for each swipe?

Better rates are out there

Many of the well known players in the payment processing industry offer simple fixed or flat rates. While the simplicity can be attractive, this is decidedly a situation where simple does not mean better. In this case, the fixed rate basically denies your startup any access to lower rates for transactions that are cheaper to process.

For example, think of the times where a gas station attendant or a waiter tells you, “I am sorry, we don’t accept American Express.” This is because it costs them more money to process American Express transactions than other cards, so rather than incur that cost they request that a different card is used. If they were on a fixed rate plan, all transactions would be at the highest rate – the rate for each card is the same as the American Express!

Better tech is out there

We have all seen the nifty little iPhone credit card scanners that allow your phone to double as a processing terminal. What if that device came with a full Point of Sale and business management software suite? Devices such as smart terminals offer familiar smart phone type interfaces, along with powerful apps and a full range of business management tools to help streamline your day to day transactions, freeing you up to focus on your next sprint. Pretty cool, huh?

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By selecting a payment processing company like NXGEN, you have access to dozens of the best payment processing solutions and business management tools. We have carefully curated our selection to include some of the best modern terminals – featuring wireless and contactless credit card technology – as well as full eCommerce suites. We will assign a dedicated agent to help you through the setup and selection process so that you can focus on getting your startup off the ground.


Your Seattle startup deserves a chance to be seen, to be heard, and to stand out. By choosing a payment processing partner like NXGEN, you are seizing the opportunity to get your startup off the ground by avoiding a commonly-made mistake – a mistake that can slowly drain your profit margins starting with the first sale. Get in touch with a member of our team, we will help you find processing nirvana, and then you can go back to bringing your idea to life knowing that the payments box is thoroughly checked!

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