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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

As an organization, we are determined to not let this virus destroy the dreams, hopes and grit that your business is built on. We have rallied together to offer you the best package of financial tools available to help combat this economic dip.

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Dear Friends of Payroc,

We would like to take a moment to recognize that news headlines about the pandemic have certainly been unsettling. The situation, and the world’s response are evolving daily and in some cases hourly.  We are doing everything we can to stay up to date. As a global company, it’s important that Payroc is doing our part to help stop the spread of the virus while maintaining our responsibilities to our employees, agents, strategic partners and merchants. 

We have enacted our Pandemic Plan and we are in the process of implementing our Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Plan. We’ve been continually adapting our approach, actions and policies as new governmental and health authority guidance comes to light.

Payroc has actively taken steps to prepare our team to work remotely in order to ensure that our services remain unaffected and that you are able to receive the same levels of service and support. We are mindful that you rely on us to provide vital services to you, and your customers. We remain committed to upholding the service level standards you have come to expect with no anticipated service interruptions in your payment processing. 

Our continuity plans include:

  • Ensure the continued health and safety of our colleagues and customers.
  • Reviewing continuity plans to ensure continuous delivery of critical processes, including those directly supporting customers.
  • Assessing and testing backup locations, worksite transfer or relocation options, as well as remote access laptop capabilities and increased VPN access where necessary.
  • Monitoring volume and up-time across our authorization, processing and settlement systems.
  • Re-testing critical business recovery plans and stand ready to activate the plans as necessary.
  • Whenever possible, encourage customers to self-serve through merchant portals where available so they can access their statements, manage their accounts and access how-to videos.

On behalf of the entire leadership team and our global staff, we commit to you that our continued actions will be responsible, clear and adaptive to the ever-changing situation, and we remain committed to minimizing any disruption of service during this time. 

We hope you and your loved ones remain safe and healthy.


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